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Heritage 111th Queensland Eisteddfod
Rockhampton 2004

Below are the Eisteddfod results for Caloundra Chorale and our members.

Item 36
Lieder Contest

Trevor & Robyn Morris Shield
1st Sarah Sullivan & Partner
2nd Clifton Palmer & partner

Item 14
Small Vocal Ensemble

18 years and over
3rd Caloundra Chorale

Item 3
Open Sacred Choral

A.J. Taylor Memorial Trophy
1st Caloundra Chorale

Item 30
Baritone Solo 18 years & over

1st Clifton Palmer

Item 32
Welsh Solo

L.J. Thomas Memorial Trophy the the
Brian Capern Memorial Trophy
1st Kerry Warner

Item 43
Folk Solo

1st Kerry Warner

Male Oratorio

John Burstow Memorial Trophy
& Charles Rogers Memorial Trophy
3rd Clifton Palmer

Item 39
Ladies Oratorio

Elwyn Barber Memorial Trophy
3rd Sarah Sullivan

Item 50
Golden Voice Solo

Colvin Family Trophy
2nd Bev Gourlay

Item 12
Operatic Aria

Thelma Loving Memorial Shield
1st Sarah Sullivan

Item 4
Open Ladies Choral Contest

E.R. Stretton Memorial Trophy
1st Caloundra Chorale

Item 5
Open Men’s Choral Contest

Jack Law Memorial Trophy
3rd Caloundra Chorale

Item 37
Art Song

Bill & Ethel Dawson Memorial Trophy
1st Sarah Sullivan
3rd Clifton Palmer
HC Kerry Warner

Item 6
Open Modern Chorus Contest

2nd Caloundra Chorale

Item 1
Open Chief Chorale Contest

Paling Shield, Frank Robinson Memorial
Trophy & Will Franks Memorial Trophy
HC Caloundra Chorale & Theatre Co., Inc.

Item 26
Soprano Solo 18 years and over

3rd Kathryn Warner

Item 13
Hymn Singing

3rd Caloundra Chorale

Item 18
Duet Open

Gordon & Marjorie Shields Trophy
1st Kerry Warner & partner
2nd Kathryn & Stephanie Warner
3rd Irma Cordingly & Partner

Item 35
Traditional Ballad Solo - Female

Ipswich Orpheus Chorale Trophy
1st Kerry Warner
3rd Sarah Sullivan

Item 20
Champion Light Soprano

Pauline Colvin Trophy & Eisteddfod
Council Medallion
2nd Kathryn Warner
3rd Kerry Warner

Item 38
Song by Australian Composer

David Thomas Trophy, Rockhampton Eisteddfod
Assoc. Trophy & Eisteddfod Council Medallion
1st Kerry Warner
3rd Sarah Sullivan

Item 41
Music Theatre or Light Opera

Savoyards Trophy
1st Sarah Sullivan

Item 24
Champion Baritone Solo

Bob Donaghey Memorial Trophy
The Gordon Shields Trophy,The Eisteddfod
Council Medallion & H.A. Hodginkson Memorial Trophy
2nd Clifton Palmer

Item 42
Music Theatre or Light Opera Duet or Trio

3rd Bev Gourlay & Aart Schouten

Champion Of Champions - Ipswich City Council Trophy,
The George Hogg Challenge Trophy and the Eisteddfod Council Medallion -

Miss Julie Sibley & Mr. Thomas Keenan

Open Chief Aggregate -
Runner Up - Caloundra Chorale

Note: Chorale Member Neil Booth accompanied Kerry Warner and Kathryn Warner

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