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Heritage 115th Queensland Eisteddfod
Sunshine Coast 2009

Below are the Eisteddfod results for Caloundra Chorale and our members.

Eisteddfod Champion of Champions

Sarah Sullivan


Item 108 Hymn Singing

1st Caloundra Chorale & Theatre Company


Item 109 Small Vocal Ensemble

3rd Caloundra Chorale & Theatre Company


Item 111 Quartette

3rd Terzetto


Item 112 Trio

1st Terzetto


Item 113 Duet

2nd Kathryn Warner & Naomi Drogemuller

HC Kerry Warner


Item 114 Champion Dramatic Soprano

1st Sarah Sullivan


Item 115 Champion Light Soprano 18Yrs & over

3rd Kathryn Warner


Item 119 Champion Baritone

HC Clifton Palmer


Item 121 Soprano Solo

2nd Kathryn Warner


Item 125 Baritone Solo

1st Aart Schouten

2nd Clifton Palmer


Item 127 Welsh Solo

1st Kerry Warner


Item 128 Operatic Aria

1st Sarah Sullivan

3rd Brett Hahn


Item 130 Traditional Ballad Solo, Female Voices

1st Sarah Sullivan

HC Kathryn Warner


Item 131 Lieder Contest

1st Anne Gralow & Sarah Sullivan

3rd Fay Baker & Clifton Palmer

HC Neil Booth & Kerry Warner


Item 132 Art Song

1st Sarah Sullivan

HC Kathryn Warner


Item 133 Song by Australian Composer

2nd Sarah Sullivan

HC Kerry Warner


Item 134 Sacred Solo

1st Kerry Warner

3rd Clifton Palmer


Item 135 Ladies Oratorio Solo

1st Sarah Sullivan


Item 136 Mens Oratorio Solo

3rd Clifton Palmer


Item 137 Golden Voice Solo 55 years and over

1st Denise Hanrahan


Item 138 Music Theatre or Light Opera Solo

3rd Sarah Sullivan


Item 139 Music Theatre or Light Opera Duet or Trio

2nd Colin Butcher, Helen Butcher & Julie Marks


Item 140 Folk Song Solo

HC Kerry Warner


Accompanist for Kerry & Kathryn Warner and for "Terzetto" was Chorale member, Neil Booth

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